Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Sheroni Girls - Progress Update 9

Hey everyone,

it's time for another progress update!

This week I added some content with Kira at breaktime. Each time you visit her you will have a different topic to talk with her about and you can also unlock new one's depending on how far you already are with the main quest. There are also a few choices and events with different outcomes that will decide if you will be able to date her or not.

All in all there are around 8 or 9 new events and also 2 new H-scenes that you can get with her.

That's all for this week's progress update, I will see you at the next one~

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Sheroni Girls - Progress Update 8

Happy new year everyone,

I hope you all had some nice holidays and arrived safely into the new year. Let's hope that this year is going to be great or at the very least better than the last one for all of us!

I'm now back on working on my games at fullspeed so expect faster updates again!

The current minor update adds 4 new biology class events with 2 possible H-scenes as well as a new art class event. I also found some more bugs I fixed along with some minor improvements.

Here is what else I have planned for the final school overhaul update:
-New events in breaktime involving John and two side characters
-New events in breaktime with Kira
-A new lockerroom event with April
-Some new events with Marcus

I also would like to add some new events for the Main class with Ms. Moore as well as some more stuff for the Principal. The only problem is that I'm completely out of ideas for them right now, so if you have any suggestion or stuff you would like to see getting added please let me know under this post or send me a message!

That's all for this progress update. If everything goes as I expect it will it shouldn't take that much longer until the next major update is ready.

See you next time~

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Suddenly a Girl v0.4b - Bugfixes


I just released a new version that will fix some of the issues some people encountered.

-Fixed an issue with links not working after your Stepmom caught you masturbating
-Fixed an issue with notes at your phone not working
-Fixed an issue with case sensitive for mac users

You can now download it from the usual place, enjoy!

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Suddenly a Girl v0.4a - Public Release

Hey everyone,

I hope you all had some nice holidays so far!

The newest version of my game Suddenly a Girl is now out for public and can be downloaded from here.

I wish you all fun playing and we will see each other again in 2021!

Monday, December 7, 2020

Sheroni Girls - Progress Update 7

Hey everyone,

I'm back to work on Sheroni Girls but before we start with the usual progress update I wanted to give you all a heads up and say that progress will be a bit slower this month.

It feels like most of my appointments ended up on december, thanks to the lockdown. So I will be quite busy with them but appointments aside I still want to spend some time with my family and just rest for a bit and take a break from everything.

This year has been stressful enough with everything happening this year, so I'm even more thankful for everyone who decided to support me, thank you a lot! I hope you all also spend some nice time with your friends or family and just enjoy your holidays.

But let's get to the progress update now:

I started working on the second half of the school overhaul and added a new event for the art class and around 3 new events for the biology class. (There won't be a new minor update this time though since I didn't have time to test it yet and don't know if it works) After that I will try to add some new events for the breaktime and maybe add a new sidequest or two.

It shouldn't take too long to get all of that done, so I will probably also start to prepare some stuff for the planned relationship update, especially since some of the stuff overlaps with the school overhaul update.

Anyway, that's it for this week's progress update.

See you next time~

Friday, November 27, 2020

Suddenly a Girl v0.4 - Release Schedule

Hey everyone,

version 0.4 of my game Suddenly a Girl is finally out and now available for my 5$+ supporters on both of my Patreon and SubscribeStar

The public release will be one month after on the 27th of December.

Here is the changelog with all of the changes:

New Content:
-Second "Play new game" Event with Hiro added (it has 4 pretty BIG variants depending on your choices with Hiro and Jenny)
-Third "Play new game" Event with Hiro added (it's repeatable and also has 4 different variants)
-One new big club event with Jenny added, it's repeatable and has a lot of choices and will consider all of your paths (Lesbian, straight and romance path)
-A new event with Jack added that will decide if you end up as his slut or not (It's pretty big with several choices and three different outcome variants)
-7 new workout events with Jack after becoming his slut
-Start of the office job (right now it's only the job interview and a test you have to solve to get the job, more to come soon)
-You can now start a relationship with Hiro
-1 new event at the Cinema if you are Hiro's girlfriend
-5 new bets on Hiro's non romance path added
-1 new random event while doing the cooking chore
-1 new random event while doing the floor cleaning chore
-1 new random event while doing the dishes chore
-You can now use your dildo to practice your oral skills at home (but you need to unlock it first + you can earn a new trait)
-3 new events while posing nude for Jeff (+a chance to steal some schematics and some story advancement)
-4 new social events with your Stepmom added (they work a bit different now, she will now talk with you about new stuff depending on your progress and what you do and buy)
-5 new events for Linda's aka your Stepmom's intimate path added (might be a bit hidden and harder to find, so let me know if you do!)
-You can now talk with your Stepmom about the chores and get your first maid uniform
-All of the random chore events now change and get naughtier if you wear the maid uniform
-Added a wait function to the phone
-You can now buy and use a gaming console
-You can now set your relation with your "Mom" at the start of the game
-The game should now acknowledge if you do something for the first time (like losing your virginity, if you still find some scenes where that isn't the case let me know)

Updated Content:
-You only need half as much experience now to level up your Sexual Experience stats
-You can now choose to take care of your arousal if you take a bath, it doesn't trigger on it's own anymore
-You can now also use your custom clothing styles at the gym locker room
-You can now repeat the previous bets on Hiro's non romance path
-The club only opens at the weekend now (Fri-Sun)
-Reworked Hiro's post-sex talk after playing the new game
-Reworked how the bets with Hiro work, the higher your gaming skill is the higher the chance to win
-Reworked how resting at the diner works, there is now a breakroom
-Reworked the home a bit since it was getting too cluttered with links
-Getting the portrait done takes much less time now (If you have the right stats)
-Rent caps at 300$ now
-The attractiveness stat effects the tips you get at the Diner now
-It's now also possible to enter the glory hole stall at the club if your perversion is high enough 
-Added some more text to already existing content
-Other minor additions and polishing
-Fixed a lot of bugs, a lot!

Monday, November 16, 2020

You can now support me on SubscribeStar!

Hey everyone,

some people told me that they would prefer something else than Patreon to support me and suggested SubscribeStar, so here it is!

You can now find and also support me on SubscribeStar: https://subscribestar.adult/dragax

What you are going to choose in the end will be up to you and personal preferences but no matter which site you choose I will be thankful for it and it will help me to create even more and better games in the future! Both sites will have the exact same updates and rewards!

P.S. Internet still being slow, let's hope it will go back to normal tomorrow!