Thursday, June 25, 2020

Suddenly a Girl - Progress Update 4

Hey everyone,

I'm back on working on Suddenly a Girl for a bit over a week now and it's time for another Progress update. But first I want to say thank you for all the feedback and suggestions I received in the last few weeks. It's really helping me a lot and gives me a lot of motivation to keep working and improving!

The next few minor updates will focus on new and more customization for your character as well as expanding a lot of technical stuff. 

But first let me tell you what I got already done this last week. 
The biggest change is probably that I decided to add body types. I initially didn't want to because it might have been too much work but what can I say, everyone likes more customisation right? There will be 3 different body types that you can choose from and start with; hourglass (the one we currently have), pear and petite.

I also finally added new hair styles and a way to dye your hair which can all be changed at the hairstylist at the mall. We now have 6 different hair styles and every hair has 4 different dye options (black, brunette, blonde and red).

You can also create and save clothing styles now, to quickly change your style.

On top of that I also changed a lot of technical stuff, optimized a lot of code, fixed a lot of bugs and reworked some parts of the intro and character creation. It would be too much to list every little change now. And I'm also still in the middle of working on all of it, so nothing is finalized so far.

I still have tons of other new stuff planned, one of the biggest changes will include an overhaul to the clothing system. Clothing will influence the gameplay a bit more, increase some of your stats and change some event. But more about that in the next progress update!

I'm also on a one week vacation starting at the 28th and ending at the 5th of July, so don't expect any updates in that time. 

Until next time~

Monday, June 15, 2020

Sheroni Girls v0.3 - Release Schedule

Hey everyone,

the new release, version 0.3 of my game Sheroni Girls, is now out for my Beta Testers (5$+ patrons )
You can expect a Public release one month later at the 15th of July.

Here is the changelog:

New Content:
-Added a new Sidequest at the bulletin board
-Added three token tasks at the Ninjutsu Dojo
-Grand Reopening of the Mall, you will get a small event at friday that unlocks the mall (For now you can only talk with some people and walk around, more stuff will be added soon)
-4 new H-scenes at the babysitter job
-3 new H-scenes at the hospital
-2 new H-scenes with the school nurse and little continuation of her sidestory
-1 new H-scene with the cook at the diner
-1 new H-scene with Kai at the secret mining entrance
-The first scene with Kai at the secret mining entrance is now repeatable and has a few variants
-You can now skip forward to any day you want by using the calendar at the living room
-Added another help section at the computer explaining how to use and change some of your default keys

Updated Content:
-Updated every H-scene (and gallery scene) with a new Background music and put most of the text at the bottom instead of in the middle
-Added all the new scenes to the Gallery
-Slight visual changes to the Gallery, it's now showing you who is involved in a scene
-Added some more instructions to the gym race, telling you the default jump key
-Changed the 2nd Diner job name from cashier to bartender as it makes more sense
-Fixed a bug where you sometimes couldn't leave the Training refuge
-Fixed a bug where the fridge wasn't working at the bartender job
-Fixed a bug that caused some loading errors
-Fixed a bug where you couldn't re-enter the A.D. company after losing a fight.
-Fixed two bugs at the dishwasher job that locked you out of continuing if you accidentally threw the dishes out of bounds

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Sheroni Girls - Progress Update 3


the next major update is coming closer and if everything goes right the next version (v0.3) will be released next week for my 5$+ patrons.

But let's talk about what I got done this week. 
I added the last token task to the dojo,  which concludes all of the content for the first training school!

I added 3 new H-scenes to the hospital, remember to always pay your hospital bills or it might have consequences.

I finally also got the mall Interior done, which will open through an event after a few days of playing. There is not much to do there yet but a lot is planned, especially once I get the relationship update done.

Other than that I did some more bug fixes and minor changes, like adding a calendar at your home where you can skip to any day you want.

And do you all remember the poll I was talking about a few weeks ago? The one were you can vote what I should work on next? No? Well, I think that it's finally time and you can vote over here!

See you~

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Suddenly a Girl v0.2 - Public Release


version 0.2 of my game Suddenly a Girl is now out for public and you all can download it from here!

If you find any bugs or have any suggestion please let me know!

Enjoy playing!

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Sheroni Girls - Progress Update 2

Hey everyone,

it's time for another progress update!
This time I focused mainly on adding new H-scenes and upgrading older stuff. I added a total of 8 completely new scenes, upgraded all of the old scenes and added a new Background music to them, which should hopefully fit the mood better now and I also changed the visual look of the gallery a bit, it's now showing you if the MC or an NPC is involved  in a scene (without spoilering it of course!)

And on top of all that I also added a new one-time token task to the dojo as well as some other minor changes here and there.

Plans until the next progress update gets out: Adding the final token task and a lot of new H-scenes for all of the side activities. Maybe also another new sidequest.

I still haven't figured out what weekend activities I should add, but I will try to think of something. Of course I'm also open to suggestions, so let me know if you have any!

That's all for this progress update. Until next time~

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sheroni Girls - Progress Update 1

Hey everyone,

the last two weeks I have been very busy with my reallife job but I still somehow managed to squeeze out some time to work on my games.

First thanks to everyone who left me some feedback and reported some bugs. Due to this I fixed around 6 bugs and changed some older content that tells you some of the default keys and how to change them, which can also be accessed through your computer at your room.

Aside from bugfixes and some convenience changes, I also added the first token task at the dojo. The first one is a repeatable arena fight, you will fight a bunch of training drones and the more you beat the more tokens you get. It's the first of 3 planned token task which you can do to spend them at the special dojo shop and buy some nice rewards. The other two token tasks will be unique though and only be doable once.

I also added a new sidequest at the notice board which will unlock a new little job you can do at the evening to earn some money. It will have a lot of new H-scenes, the first scene is already done and the others will be added later on.

Other than that I got a lot of new renders done, they aren't in the game yet. But will also be added in the next few days.

The next few weeks I will probably focus on adding new side activities and side quests that aren't related to the main quest or school. I will also have to think about new stuff you can do at the weekend since there isn't much happening right now.

After that's done, I will start to work on new content for the school, relationships or new main quests. What I work on first will be up to you, I will probably create a poll in a few weeks where you can vote what I should start working on first!

That's all for today's progress update, see you next time!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Suddenly a Girl v0.2 - Patreon Release

Hey everyone,

Version 0.2 of Suddenly a Girl is now out for all of my 5$+ Patrons.
Public Release will be one month later on the 7th of June! 

Here is the complete changelog from v0.1 to v0.2:
-Complete dynamic sex system added; with a lot of foreplay options and different sex poses to choose from, the higher your perverted score is the more poses you get to choose from, text changes depending on some of your traits, only for male npcs so far (lesbian and shemale will be added later on)
-1 New social event with your Mom
-4 New social events with Jeff
-8 New events with Hiro (a lot of choices and variants depending on your relationship with Jenny)
-3 New events with the Personal trainer (Jack) at the gym
-3 New random events while waitressing (some only happen if you wear the waitress dress)
-2 New random events at home
-1 New random event while getting a massage at the Gym
-Club event with Jenny added (4 paths)
-Club overhaul; added a bouncer, glory hole events and some new text and random events while dancing, events will change if you are drunk
-"Clothing store" renamed to "Mall" (+furniture and adult store added)
-Reworked how masturbation works (you can now also use toys from the adult store)
-You can now get pregnant if you have unprotected sex (it has no consequences or visual changes so far though, this will be added later on)
-You now need proper clothes to train at the gym
-A new visual for the map added
-The UI got a completely new design
-Changed Jeff's relation from "Stepdad" to "Mom's boyfriend" since I still have other stuff planned for him
-Changed the way how the dialogs with Jenny (the waitress) worked, since it was a bit buggy
-You now always wake up around 7am
-A lot of minor improvements and content additions
-A lot of bugfixes and spelling fixed

In the meantime I will be back on working on Sheroni Girls for the next 1-2 months.