Bandits Assault Version History

-Fixed a bug where you got stuck at the Barracks
-Fixed a bug where the game didn't end properly after defeating the Dark Lord
-Added a way to save your game right before the final fight against the Dark Lord

Chapter 5:
-3 Differents endings with a lot of variations depending on your choices
-1 new Bad end

Chapter 4 changes:
-Night Out event with the girls in chapter 4 added
-Final main quest in ch4 added (Taking control over the barracks!)

Chapter 2 changes:
-Weapons and armor are now a bit cheaper
-Better rewards from the water spirit wishes at the forest (Wealth - gives you more gold, Strength - gives you a better stat boost)

-Easy mode added (Basically gives you a level, a stat and a money boost right at the beginning)
-Fast-forward through text feature (hold ctrl to activate it)
-Tons of grammar and spelling error fixes throughout the game (thanks to my proofreaders!)
-Gallery Mode at the end of the game

-Fixed an endless loop bug at the nightout event on chapter 4
-Fixed a bug where the game got stuck after Kate approaches you in chapter 5
-Fixed every bug where the textbox gets smaller/broken

-Removes the pentagram from chapter 1 that wasn't supposed to be there
-Fixes some door glitches

-4 new Bad ends (Three in Chapter 2 and one in Chapter 1)
-3 new H-scenes in Chapter 4
-Gallery mode added (It will be available once you finish the game, but it will ony work correctly if you start a new game)
-Preparations for Chapter 5
-Some bugfixes

Private club expansion:
-Some more interactions/build up for the Pole dancing
-You can now enter the Dark Room (3 random events and 1 new H-scene)

-Fixed a bug where it was impossible to get the Golden Plate armor
-Fixed a bug where you got into the wrong blue house at the quest with the homeless

-Reduced Gorgu's health a bit


Chapter 4 Additions:
-4 new mainquests (Jay's arena fights completed, adventure guild quest, mercenary quest and the Rookez quest)
-3 new sidequests for people with a bad reputation
-3 new sidequests for people with a good reputation
-3 new sidequest for everyone
-12 New H-scenes
-Some new random events
-I reworked the 'Demon Maze' I reduced some enemies and added new custom encounters to it to make the exploring more pleasurable
 I also added a way to skip to the end of the demon maze if you just want to continue with the story.

-Some monsters are now randomly dropping "Monster Entrails" you can sell them to a guy in ch2 and ch4 for some cash
-Sally's smoke bomb has now a higher chance to blind your enemy
-Added a choice in ch1 at the h-scene with leo (you can now avoid the sex with him)

-Fixed a bug in ch4 where Leo's scene/dialogue got repeated after you left Orlea's harbour
-Fixed a bug in ch2 where you got 2 Kates in your party

-A lot of other little bugfixes


Chapter 4
-Continuation of the Main storyline, you finally arrive in Orlea!
-Orlea's harbour added
-Orlea's Capital city added (Main district + market district)
-Arena + fights added (championship battle not fully implemented yet)
-Mining Area added (6 maps + 2 bossfights)
 Grab your pickaxe and explore the mines! You can use ores to create some really good armor and weapons.

-Some minor changes at chapter 2

-Fixed a bug where the screen went black after you beat Raguk
-Fixed a bug at chapter 3 where you got stuck at the walls
-Fixed a bug at chapter 2 where you got stuck at the private club
-Fixed some more minor bugs at chapter 2 and 3

Complete Chapter 3:
It's time to find out what happened to Leo after his fight against the Soldiers, step into his role and find out first hand

Chapter 2:
-I added an option to let Jenny free at the 4th adventure quest (Note: The waitress job will get bugged if you use a savegame where you did this quest already)
-One new event at the Private club with a new H-Scene
-Some bugfixes


-Kate 'lick-scene' should end properly now
-Fixed a bug where you could start the waitress job at night
-Fixed a bug where you couldn't go back downstairs after you did the maid job
-Another bug at the private club fixed


-Maid job added
-One new Adventurer Quest
-One new random event at the Waitress job
-You can get drunk at the pub (with 3 different outcomes)
-new place 'Mystic Forest' added (with some new enemies and a sidequest)
-4 new H-scenes
-Some Bugfixes
-Minor changes

-Fixed a bug at the 4th and 5th Waitress day
-Fixed a bug where you got stuck in the pond sidequest
-Fixed a bug where the adventurer quest got repeated
-Fixed a bug where you could dance without being dressed
-Fixed a bug where the bouncer at the private club wouldn't let you in anymore
-Fixed a bug at the old shack sidequest


-some bugfixes

Expansion of chapter 1:
-Every bandit in camp has a name, a personality and his own skills now
-1 new mainquest
-3 new sidequests from the tough bandit Troy
-1 new sidequest from Frank to get some potions
-Minor changes and fixes

Chapter 2:
-11 new H-scenes
-Waitress job completed (4+ days with some choices and 1 random event, repeatable)
-Adventurer job completed (3 Quests)
-Private club job completed (4 different activities, repeatable)
-Burglary job completed (4 break ins)
-A new big sidequest added where you can get a new companion
-sidequest added/completed to find out what's hiding inside the pond
-some people might react different if you walk around in your work dresses
-some bad endings
-little map changes at Ostport city

-Farm McDoll added

-Fixed a bug during the raid where you could go back to the "peaceful forest"
-Fixed some "appearance" bugs at the burglary mission with Leo and Rachel
-Fixed several other little bugs in chapter 1 and 2
-Fixed some more spell errors

-weakened some enemies, fights should be easier now
-Sally got a new skill called 'smoke bomb', but lost the skill 'vanish'
-Sally's cleave skill is a bit stronger now
-Reputation stat added
-you can load your game now without going back to the title screen


-8 new H-scenes added (4 at ch1 and 4 at ch2)
-World map and first town added (Ostport city)
-You can choose between 4 different jobs at Ostport city (Burglary, Adventurer, Waitress, Private Club dancer)
-But they aren't 100% done yet (Burglary 3 quests, Adventurer 2 quests, Waitress 1 quest, Private Club none yet)
-2 New days with quests at chapter 1
-fixed some spell and grammar errors
-rewrote some lines
-some other minor fixes

-you can check out your sex stats at the menu now
-new title screen
-credits added ingame

-initial release

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