Friday, July 15, 2016

V0.5 Public Release

Version 0.5 of Bandits Assault is now open for public, enjoy playing it and like always post any bugs you find and don't hesistate to leave feedback!


I'm also still looking for new ideas for possible 'bad ends', so if you got ideas for something you want me to add, let me know.

Friday, July 8, 2016

V0.5 Patron Release

I just released v0.5 for all of my Patrons, the Public version will be available at Friday, July 15th.

Want to become a patron too? Join now!

v0.5 contains the following additions:

Chapter 4
-Continuation of the Main storyline, you finally arrive in Orlea!
-Orlea's harbour added
-Orlea's Capital city added (Main district + market district)
-Arena + fights added (championship battle not fully implemented yet)
-Mining Area added (6 maps + 2 bossfights)
 Grab your pickaxe and explore the mines! You can use ores to create some really good armor and weapons.

-Some minor changes at chapter 2

-Fixed a bug where the screen went black after you beat Raguk
-Fixed a bug at chapter 3 where you got stuck at the walls
-Fixed a bug at chapter 2 where you got stuck at the private club
-Fixed some more minor bugs at chapter 2 and 3