The Pit

Every game that ends up in this category is either a concept, a side project, abandoned or simply on hold. Don't expect regular updates on these games.

The Perfect Girlfriend v0.1
(A text based game using real life pictures)

Synopsis: Your best friend finds a spell book and tries to use it to create his perfect girlfriend but something goes wrong and it turns you into a girl instead! Will you find a way to turn back into a guy or will you end up as his perfect girlfriend?

Tags: Male to Female transformation, cum addiction, cheating, domination


Cuckold Confession
(A text based game using real life pictures)

Synopsis: John and Eva are a happy couple and live together on a shared apartment with their housemate Marc. But Eva has a secret fetish John doesn't know about and their relationship might be put to the test very soon. In this game you can decide to play as either John or Eva.

Tags: Cuckolding, humiliation, cheating, male on male, feminization, sissification


Dirty Minds Techdemo
That's actually the very first adult game I worked on. I did all the graphics, programming and animations by myself and it was supposed to be a simulation game with different jobs and quests you could do. But after realizing that animation is much harder than I thought and that I had no idea how this even worked (the walking animation took me around 3 hours alone and it still doesn't look that good) I abandoned the project. So unless I find (or hire) someone who does all the animations for me I doubt that I will ever finish it.

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