Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Sheroni Girls v0.2 Release update + Patreon reopening

Hey everyone,

the next version of Sheroni Girls is finally ready and can be downloaded right now!

There are tons of new and reworked content, but if you still want to see the complete changelog with every single change mentioned click here.

If you don't really care and just want to play you can click here to go to the download page and choose between mega and mediafire.

I also finally got around to add some screenshots, so if you want to get a look at the game first before downloading anything you can do that at their new screenshot page.

I hope that you will like it! If you find any bugs or have any suggestion or fetish you would like to see in the game let me know and I will do my best to fix/add them!


That's it for the first part of the news, the other is that I reopened my patreon page and I'm accepting donations again. So if you want to support me, toss me a few coins and I will appreciate it!

My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/dragax

Now the reason for why I'm opening it again, I will just copy the part from my Patreon where I mention what I will do with the donations:

I will use almost all of my donations to improve the quality of my games! The first thing I would like to do is to buy more stuff for my render library. Stuff like new hairstyles, clothes, environments and animations. All of these are pretty expensive but would make everything look much better, we don't want every character to look the same, right? I would also like to add more high quality lewd animations into my games, I can't create these so I have to buy them. I already have one animation in Sheroni Girls and I think it looks pretty good. And then if there is still some money left, I will buy myself some tasty food.

What will change for people who can't donate anything? Nothing! My games will always be 100% free and downloadable from my blog. But I hope that I will get back to a more regular release schedule with my patreon being open again.

For even more details you can check out my Patreon and if you still have any more questions just ask them and I will answer them as best as I can.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

New update getting closer + teaser

Hey everyone,

I wanted to do this post a few weeks ago but I always forgot about it, anyway the next update of Sheroni Girls is getting closer and it won't take much longer until release. One to two weeks at most!

So what will it contain? The first part is a continuation of the main story which is an important part to take care of the main events and will also play a big role if you want to corrupt your character further. You will finally find out who the blue haired girl is and get closer to her than you would like to.

I'm also currently working on stuff for the school and a lot of stuff is already done there too, of course I won't get everything I want to add ready but there should be enough content to at least get you through week one without it running out of content.

And also a tons of other new stuff including a Gallery where you can rewatch every naughty scene you encountered! The complete changelog with all details will be released once the next update is ready.

And here are some ingame pictures to make your waiting a little bit less annoying.

See you on the next post which should include the release of the next update! And to everyone who is waiting for an update of Suddenly a Girl: This will take a bit longer but I will get back to working on it once the next Sheroni Girls update is out.