Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I'm back, finally!

Wow, I'm really glad to sit in front of my computer again!
After a hospital visit and a lot of personal problems I'm finally back and ready to work on my games again. I already posted something about my current situation, about a month ago, at my patreon. I would have liked to post something at my blog too but I didn't had any internet except for my smart phone and for some reason I couldn't log into my blogger account.

But enough of my personal problems. Right now I'm really excited to start working on my game(s) again and the good thing is that I have a lot of free time now, so I will do my best to get the next update for MoM out as fast as possible.

I will also try to be more active from now on and I will post weekly updates about the current development progress on my patreon (I will still post stuff on my blog too, but if you want weekly reports you have to donate at least 1$ at my patreon).

I'm also already collecting suggestions for my next big RPG Maker game. I guess some of you are now thinking: An RPG Maker game again? Or: You barely started working on Mind over Matter and you are collecting ideas for a next game already?
Well, yes. Everything is already planned out. The game mechanics of MoM are all done and all I really have to add are more renders and text.
And yes it's gonna be and rpg maker game, I gained a lot of experience while working on Bandits Assault and I will do a lot of things different and better(!) this time. I will also use the new engine (MV instead of VX Ace).
So MoM should be done within the next few months. It wasn't supposed to be a big game in the first place, it was more like 'a little game where I can try something different and gain some new motivation for my next big game', and hell I'm motivated right now!

So what will be different? What suggestions can you make? Well click me gentle and find out about it!

Thanks again to everyone who supports me! Keep playing naughty games!