Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Sheroni Girls v0.1 - Patron Release


version 0.1 of Sheroni Girls got released to my patrons. Since this is the very first version of the game it's available for every patron, so if you want to get a look but aren't a patron yet it will only cost you a merely 1 dollar.

This version will also stay patron only. I think it's not ready to go public yet but the next version shouldn't take much longer and should be done at the end of April.

Now something completely unrelated: I added a more games section to my blog with a few little games/concepts that I work on. Every game that ends up in this category is either a concept, a side project or just something fun I work on from time to time if I need a distraction from some of my main projects. So don't expect regular updates on these games!

These games, concepts or whatever they are will always be 100% free and won't be posted on my patreon. And even if they get unregular updates or that their is no guarantee that they ever get finished: Suggestions and questions are of course always welcome!