Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Suddenly a Girl - Quick Bugfix update

I just uploaded a quick bugfix update for Suddenly a Girl that fixes the following things:

-Fixed bugged images (let's hope imgur is a better image upload than pic upload)
-Fixed endless loop at your phone
-Added missing image folder
-Tweaked energy loss at some activities (you now lose less energy while working and working out)
-Tweaked money at the waitress job (you now get a bit more money)

For everyone who is interested here is a short list of things that I plan to add to the game in the future:
-More traits and a way to earn new traits (I'm open for suggestions!)
-More Random events
-More locations, jobs and stuff to do in general
-More outfits, hairstyles and other customization
-Going on dates with people
-Getting a BF or GF
-Getting Married
-Buying furniture and other stuff for your home
-Buying an own apartment and/or moving in with your BF/GF
-Getting Pregnant and childbirth

-Continuation of the main storyline (which includes different new Transformations)

Monday, June 24, 2019

I'm back in Business!

Hey everyone,

yes, I'm still alive! Sorry for the long silence but life can be unpredictable sometimes and stuff just happens. But I don't want to bore you with this stuff. The important thing right now is that I'm finally back on working on my games again! I got back into it since around 2 months now and was working hard to finally present you my two new Main Projects!

Sheroni Girls - The Tournament of Power
This game was actually announced nearly a year ago and was Patreon exclusive at that time, so there was unfortunately never a public release but I fixed a bunch of stuff and added a bunch of new content and here it is. The first public version 0.1.1.

For the people that already played v0.1 and are wondering what's new, here is the changelog.

Note: Only the first day of school has content so far and can be ignored after that, more will be coming in future updates. I suggest you follow the main quest and explore and do some sidequests.


Suddenly a Girl

My second game Project is called Suddenly a Girl and is a text based Life Simulator with some nice Renders and pictures. The focus of the game are Transformations. You can read more about it and download it at the link below.


So give the games a try if you want to and tell me if you like them or not, I'm alway open for suggestions and constructive criticism. I will also try to release a new update to both of the above games every 1-2 months, so stay tuned and have a nice day!