Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Suddenly a Girl - Quick Bugfix update

I just uploaded a quick bugfix update for Suddenly a Girl that fixes the following things:

-Fixed bugged images (let's hope imgur is a better image upload than pic upload)
-Fixed endless loop at your phone
-Added missing image folder
-Tweaked energy loss at some activities (you now lose less energy while working and working out)
-Tweaked money at the waitress job (you now get a bit more money)

For everyone who is interested here is a short list of things that I plan to add to the game in the future:
-More traits and a way to earn new traits (I'm open for suggestions!)
-More Random events
-More locations, jobs and stuff to do in general
-More outfits, hairstyles and other customization
-Going on dates with people
-Getting a BF or GF
-Getting Married
-Buying furniture and other stuff for your home
-Buying an own apartment and/or moving in with your BF/GF
-Getting Pregnant and childbirth

-Continuation of the main storyline (which includes different new Transformations)

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